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Who is MineGARD for?

MineGARD is for small mining services and mining contractor businesses who perform task and activities on mining sites and want comprehensive public liability insurance coverage at an affordable price.

Who is MineGARD?

MineGARD is a Gardian Insurance Brokers online insurance product and provides competitive, comprehensive coverage for mine-site public liability insurance.

Who is underwriting MineGARD?

MineGARD is underwritten by Lloyds, one of the world’s largest insurance underwriters who have more than 150 years experience in Australia.

My business already has standard public liability insurance. Why do I need MineGARD?

Standard public liability insurance policies do not provide coverage for working on mine sites and in the event of an incident which occurred on a mine site, you may not be covered. MineGARD offers mine-specific public liability insurance, giving mining contractors and mining businesses complete peace of mind.

Who do I contact if there is a problem?

Contact the MineGARD team who will handle your concern immediately.

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