In-Demand Trades for Australia's Mining Industry
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In Demand Trades for Australia’s Mining Industry

In Demand Trades for Australia’s Mining Industry

Over the last 20 years, the Australia mining sector has seen a considerable boost in economic activity. 

The mining sector has remained on a compelling growing path, despite the fluctuations in prices of energy, metals, and mineral resources since the 2008 financial crisis.

For a mine site to keep running effectively, there is a huge demand for some of the most common trades. For accomplished tradespeople, it will show what opportunities are out there.

Let’s look at a few of the most in-demand trades for Australia’s mining industry.

In-Demand Trades for Australia’s Mining Sector


The demand for electricians in the mining industry is vast and for several reasons.

Electricians work in an expansive extent of mining operations. This work is for both in open-cut mining projects as well as underground mines. It is always challenging on a mine site for electrical maintenance. It demands specialist training and safety qualifications to carry out the job on a rigorous mine site for operational safety standards. 

Also, electricians work as part of the mine site electrical maintenance team, alongside an electrical maintenance technician to help plan, develop, coordinate, and audit substantial electrical maintenance procedures.

During the primary phases, electricians are needed to set up both the mining and recreational accommodations. 

For the mining operations side, there is a constant need to keep equipment controlled and operating smoothly. It is crucial to identify electrical issues before they happen and this is a vital skill to have. 

Mining electrician salary average between $90,000 – $180,000 in Australia.


Mechanical Engineer

In Australia, mechanical engineers’ responsibilities include planning, designing, and managing the array of mine site operation, assembly, and maintenance actions. It involves concrete mechanical and process plant equipment used for procurement, refinement, and transportation of minerals. Site engineers, as well as project engineers, fall under this category

Mining engineers manage the whole mining company and plan where to mine. Also, they execute all the mining activities. Some of these include, excavation of land, transporting people and material to and from the underground and machinery usage.

The job of the mechanical engineer is to design, install, and maintain these machines. They even perform other vital services like cooling down the underground mine with refrigeration and ventilation and securing safety for fellow mine workers.

Mechanical Mining Engineering salary averages between $100,000 – $250,000 in Australia. 

Civil Engineer

The civil engineer for the mining sector makes plans, designs, and supervises the advancement, operation, and construction of the mining project at hand. Additional job titles and roles fall into this category, which include Project Manager, Structural Engineer, and Mine Site Engineer.

Civil Mining Engineer salary averages $100,000-$250,000. However, project managers can earn up to $250K, in Australia. 

Dump Truck and Machinery Operators

The responsibilities for dump truck and mine machinery operators include transportation of materials excavated from the mine site, loading and unloading of materials and storage management.

Dump Truck salary in mines averages between $85,000-$200,000 AU.

Steel Workers

Mining sites are full of heavy machinery. Starting with rock trucks to excavators, along with and processing plants, indeed, there is no shortage of equipment that is made with steel. With operations running around the clock, the stresses this equipment is under can be vast.

The maintenance of these vehicles relies heavily on steelworkers to keep things running smoothly.

Steelworkers’ mining salary average hourly pay in Australia is $32.23. per hour.

Construction Workers

Due to the expansion of many existing mining sites, there is a massive increase in the construction side of things.

There is a need for commercial buildings that are required for all the plants and equipment. Living facilities are needed for crews and staff. When a completely new mine starts firsthand, there is a need to create small townships with all the framework. This work can require numerous experienced construction workers with the ability to set up such places in record times.

Construction workers’ salary for the mining sector averages $29.18 per hour in Australia.

Entry Level Mining Jobs

In Australia, entry-level mining jobs can include an array of positions that typically require no previous experience in the mines. Some of these jobs can consist of Driller Off-sider, Labourer/Trades Assistant, Blast Helper, and Mechanic’s Helper.

The words “assistant” or “helper,” can be used avidly in the mining sector. However, this number of individuals collectively is exceedingly sought after in Australia. Electricians and surveyors are other entry-level mining jobs in demand right now.

Positions like these allow workers without specific skills to achieve beneficial and brand-new skills which can create a path for a career in a specialized trade for the mining industry.

Entry-Level mining job salary can average $66,500 in Australia.

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