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How to Get a Job in the Mines – Mining Jobs

How to Get a Job in the Mines – Mining Jobs

Today, mining jobs in Australia is sort of like a present-day gold rush. People wanting to work in the mines are busy congregating to obtain licenses and qualifications. Keep in mind that Australia’s mining burst has already spiked. However, this does not mean that there are no mining jobs to get, there are plenty of hot opportunities.

Nowadays, no industry is easy to get into, especially if you don’t have the necessary qualifications or experience. If you have your focus on a mining job you will need to be determined yet patient. Let’s discuss things to know how to get a job in the mines.

Tips to Get a Job in The Mines: Here’s What You Need to Know.

Having the Right Qualifications

You must find ways to make yourself stand out from other applicants. First, you need to make your application more appealing. The most apparent way to do this is to make sure you have the needed qualifications to do the job. Having a background in construction or engineering will certainly help you find a mining job sooner.

Consider these courses if you have none:

  • Safety course for mining induction
  • Coal board medical
  • 4-wheel drive course
  • First aid certification
  • Work safely at heights and confined spaces

It is recommended that you connect with companies you have an interest in as soon as possible since positions can fill up fast.

Try Making Established Contacts and or Network

If by any chance you know of anyone that works in the mining field, getting a job also maybe a bit easier for you. Speak with them and find out the needed steps to get the job, and whom you should speak with about finding a job.

Recruitment Agencies

If you choose the recruitment agency route, then you must possess a trade, skill or some type of qualification for the mining field. If you do not possess any of these, then it’s a good idea that you contact an agency in your local town and seek advice. Also, check out other agencies in surrounding towns where mine jobs may be.

Make Sure to Visit Mining Towns

There are so many entry-level mining jobs in Australia. If you place yourself in the right place and the right time this will certainly help you. You may not wish to travel to the other side of the country without a firm offer, but there are mines all over Australia. You could find one close to you and go for a visit.

Tickets? What Ones Do I Need?

Nearly all mining jobs require you to partake in training and acquire tickets,” for you to work in a mine. There are several types of tickets, all that depends on what type of work you will do.  Some tickets can be costly. With this being said, different states commonly require different tickets. Therefore, do your homework before you start to pay for courses. Perhaps it’s best to put tickets on hold until you secure a job first.

However, having tickets gives you a great advantage in gaining employment. Try asking mining companies or recruitment agencies what they would advise, and then proceed from there. 

Other Requirements

Besides having tickets, you will also need warranted types of security clearances, meet medical conditions as well as obtain certain vehicle licenses. Most definitely, you are subjected to a pre-employment medical. This is needed to determine your medical condition and fitness levels. Also, you will have to consent to a drug and alcohol screen. While on the job, you may be subjected to these screens as well, since they most often are conducted regularly.

More Information to Know

Meanwhile, make sure to get fit. Mining is a labour-intensive job, so you will need to be prepared both physically and mentally for long working days, possibly 12 hours or more, and the work can be somewhat repetitive.

There can be a very high turnover when it comes to mining workers in the industry. This may be because many people go to work on the mines and don’t know what to expect. Since they’re such a high turnover rate, you may not start earning big money right away, but it will come in due time. First, follow the above information on how to get a job in the mines, then prove that you are an established and reliable worker.

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